Coffee as a conversation starter

Dolly Parton echoed the sentiment of millions of coffee drinkers when she referred to coffee as a “cup of ambition” in her classic song, 9 to 5. And for many consumers, coffee is just that — a caffeine “kick” or “fix” that they use to start their days or when they need a “pick me up.”

Fighting back for the benefit of coffee

美国咖啡协会启动了安ual convention in virtual form this week (3-5 March), and there has been a strong focus the first two days on highlighting coffee’s health benefits and fighting back against misinformation and sensationalized stories to “grab eyeballs.”

Celebrating Cupid with coffee & chocolate

Valentine’s Day is this weekend, and although it is another holiday affected by Covid, it’s actually one that many (both couples and singles) might enjoy spending at home. And, curiously, it appears that along with chocolate, coffee is top of mind with those celebrating the “love holiday.”

Harnessing the innovation of carbonic maceration in coffee

Carbonic maceration is undoubtedly having a moment within the specialty coffee industry. Borrowed from the wine world, carbonic maceration is a fermentation process that can have a significant impact on flavour development, as Jennifer Poole, co-founder of Those Coffee People, explains in this week’s guest blog.

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