Fad or Legitimate Coffee Category?

虽然在西雅图,华盛顿为RE:上个月举办了CO研讨会和专业咖啡协会博览会 - 两个咖啡馆 - 两个彻底的咖啡馆:星巴克的新储备店和防弹最新的咖啡馆。

Anuga celebrates hot beverages

The world’s biggest food fair, that brings ‘ten shows under one roof,’ has for the first time given coffee and tea their own platform at the exhibition.

Coffee in the Arctic, Rich in Pride and Traditions

In Greenland, every happening in life is celebrated with coffee from a boy’s first successful seal hunting expedition to the start of the new school year. In Arctic neighbour Iceland, it’s common to start off dinner with coffee before cocktails.

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