Health awareness & the impact on flavour

Adaptogens are non-toxic plants that reportedly help the body resist stressors and improve energy

消费者在寻求生活的生活方式方面是更聪明的选择。但是,虽然他们正在积极寻找更好的成分和产品,但味道仍然是在功能性饮料中寻找的主要原因消费者。By Janie Page

Growing awareness of health issues such as obesity and diabetes means that many consumers are seeking healthier, all-natural products that are low in sugar and calories. Through smart devices, consumers can quickly learn more than they ever have about products. From origin to ingredient details, consumers can make smarter choices to “live better.” Offering products with attributes such as preservative free, organic, non-GMO and free-from will attract health- conscious consumers and add to the product’s authenticity (GlobalData Top Growth Opportunities Hot Drinks in the US Report, 2019).



We know that CBD (cannabidiol) is known for helping with relaxation, pain reduction and treating anxiety which can appeal to a wide age range. Once the Food & Drug Administration (FDA) of the United States approves CBD for consumption in food and beverage, there will be a massive release of new products containing CBD in the market, including coffee and tea as debuted at BevNET Live Winter 2019 Show in Santa Monica, California.

In the meantime, there has been an increased interest in botanicals, plant-based milks and adaptogens. Adaptogens are non-toxic plants like holy basil, mushrooms, maca, ginseng, licorice, and gotu kola, that are known to help the body resist stressors, improve energy, and promote general well-being. These natural herbs are also known to benefit one’s immune system. Many emerging brands are featuring different creative uses of adaptogens; for example, Pure Wild’s Blueberry Holy Basil Collagen Juice, Shroomi’s Adaptogen Shots and Four Sigmatic Adaptogen Coffee. Consumers associate botanicals with a natural approach to wellness. With wellness being a concern for consumers, botanical flavours like rose, elderflower and honeysuckle flavours have wide ranging applications to enhance the taste and complexity of beverage products.

Last year, Wildcrafter Botanicals launched a 100 percent Organic Fair Trade certified coffee infused with “superherbs” that have been tested for over 30 herbicides and pesticides. Wildcrafter Immune Shield Coffee is infused with elderberry and adaptogens such as turmeric, astragalus root and reishi mushroom blend.

Starbucks is responding to all these trends with its January 2020 launch of Starbucks Coffee with Essential Vitamins, Starbucks Coffee with Golden Turmeric and Starbucks Coffee with 2X the Caffeine. The company recently announced plans to expand plant-based options and migrate toward a more environmentally friendly menu.


Impact on Flavour

品牌,制造商和特别是味道主义者受到挑战,可以创造出良好的品尝,质量配方,满足消费者的需求和对更健康的饮料的愿望。用维生素,香料,植物和其他补充剂的强化产品可能挑战风味概况。据Nick Viriyasiri说,贝克味的味道科学家,“加入维生素和蛋白质等成分会导致苦,泥土,致癌,偏离票据。然而,像柑橘类,生姜和蜂蜜一样的口味可以补充或增强品味,但它真的是科学的工作。“


It’s an exciting time in beverages. There are endless combinations of flavours and additives like never before, but consumers will ultimately decide the best-tasting products.

  • 珍妮页面is the senior director of marketing for Beck Flavors Inc, a custom flavour house that delivers innovative flavour solutions for the food and beverage industry. She brings to her role over 18 years of experience in the foodservice, retail and consumer packaged goods industries. With her certification as a Q-Grader by the Coffee Quality Institute, Page brings together insights, innovation and technical expertise.

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