Driftaway Coffee launched 100 percent compostable packaging in December 2019.

Brands and original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) need to ensure that they are keeping up with environmentally sound practices and maintaining their commitment to sustainability. As such, there are key considerations for brands and OEMs implementing eco-friendly packaging solutions.By Jorge Izquierdo

The move toward sustainable practices, products and materials is no longer on the horizon but ever-present. This is especially true as more consumers factor brand initiatives in purchase decisions. In fact, global demand for sustainable packaging is expected to reach approximately USD $400 million by 2024 with a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) slightly above seven percent, per Zion Research. As such, brands have begun to integrate environmentally-sound practices while other companies are leading the pack. Regardless of where companies currently stand on the sustainability spectrum, there is always room for growth – and certainly the demand to support it.


Educate Your Audience

Generally speaking, consumers are increasingly motivated to be more environmentally conscious. While consumers generally gravitate toward sustainable packaging options, they may not fully understand the impact they have on the sustainable supply chain and how to properly recycle or compost products after use (Consumer-Goods’ Brands That Demonstrate Commitment to Sustainability Outperform Those That Don’t, published 2015 onnielsen.com.)。因此,品牌应确保他们的受众了解他们发挥的作用,以便他们可以更好地整合在日常方案中的可持续发展。

Currently, manufacturers are using labels to indicate the sustainability advantages of packaging choices and to provide instructions on how to recycle the material after consuming with the product. Additionally, brands can implement smart packaging such as Quick Response (QR) codes that enable consumers to access additional information on a product and are capable of educating end-users how to recycle it from a simple scan.

在消费者中,迈出更多环保的品牌更加环保,并影响购买决策(全球消费者寻求关心环境问题的公司,2018年出版nielsen.com.)。As such, it favours brands to communicate its efforts surrounding more sustainable practices in their operations.



此外,品牌经常会见了采购可持续材料的挑战,以创造质量包装。随着更多消费者需求可持续包装和更多制造商实施生态意识解决方案,供应可持续材料DWWindles(第5章 - 材料供应链风险,2016年出版sciencedirect.com.)。This can affect the price of the overall product, which can consequently turn consumers away. However, consumers are more likely to pay more for a product knowing that it has sustainable qualities (Was 2018 the Year of the Influential Sustainable Consumer?, published 2018 onnielsen.com.)。




When designing sustainable packaging, manufacturers should take note of the materials being used to ensure the quality aligns with the product and brand promise. Consideration of materials can enable a product to feel more premium than others. For example, packaging consisting of paper or cardboard can incorporate different forms of lamination and varnishes to give a more premium aesthetic and feel.


In addition, efforts in sustainability can also extend beyond packaging. For example, efficient use of ingredients, processing techniques that safely preserve food, and operations that reduce energy consumption, waste and reduce emissions all contribute to enhancing a brand’s sustainability. For example, as consumers continue to gravitate toward products with fewer preservatives, High Pressure Processing (HPP) can address shorter lifespan needs to compensate for a lack of chemical preservatives.


品牌和OEM需要确保他们正在跟上环保实践并保持其对维持能力的承诺。制造商可以跟上行业趋势,见解和技术,通过访问Pack Expo East(3月3日在费城会议中心)来实现最新的解决方案。

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